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-Mechanical Animals - Official Website Interview September 9, 1998

Q: What exactly does the name Mechanical Animals mean? MM:"Mechanical Animals is the way I describe mankind and the path it's following. That people look and act like human beings, but inside, we're losing our souls, that we numb ourselves with drugs, we numb ourselves with television, we numb ourselves with the Internet, with prescription drugs, with whatever we can find, because everyone's afraid to be an individual. And Mechanical Animals is the fear that I have for the world."

-Speed of Pain- Chart Magazine - October 1998

MM:"Speed of Pain was inspired by the scientific theory that they're trying to make machines that operate at the speed of pain, like the human nervous system. It's more about the coming to terms with man's relevance on earth. How it's becoming more and more apparent that by our own creations we will destroy ourselves. The album to me is really a dystopia, the world I see ahead. It's the second part of my apocalyptic story."

-The Songs- Raygun Magazine - November 1998

MM:"But these songs definitely deal with the idea of love. Definitely deal with the idea of alienation. Being a person that actually has feelings in a place like this where no one does. It's unreal. Like the emptiness of Hollywood. But, you know, with this album I was not afraid to be rock 'n' roll and to be theatrical. And to be bombastic, because that's what rock 'n' roll is. It just doesn't exist anymore."

-Omega- CMJ Magazine - Issue 64

MM:"I was imagining Omega to be the most exaggerated extension of what the Antichrist Superstar was, everything that glam rock has ever been and then some. To me glam rock has always meant a very sarcastic and over-the-top flamboyant image that was hiding something that was darker and more depressing underneath. That was always the irony of glam rock to me. A lot of people never really looked beneath that."

-Drugs on this album-JANE Magazine - November 1998

MM:"I meant narcotics as a metaphor for people's need to numb themselves. That's what Mechanical Animals is hinting at. That we're encouraged to not have emotions, to not be individuals, to not have an opinion. As far as the message on the album, when it comes to drugs, it's not a positive or a negative. In the past I used drugs to fill a void. But now it is more of an inspiration or just purely for recreation. I don't do them in excess."

-Songs on Mechanical Animals-Much Music - November 17, 1998

MM:"Seven of the songs on the album are kind of an homage to what people make me out to be, sort of an icon. The other seven songs are more internal, and because the record was about me putting myself back together again after stripping away all my emotions, I was thinking about my childhood a lot, so the music that I liked growing up was very inspirational on this record."

-Coma White- Much Music - November 17, 1998

MM:"Well, the whole album, I speak about this unobtainable entity called "coma white," which at times could be looked at as a drug or a person or even the fans or even myself. And I try and point out on the album that drugs kind of go beyond the obvious and that it kind of exists and just people's need to suppress their feelings. As I started to gain back all my emotions and talk about them on the record, I began to see the rest of the world as being very mechanical, and drugs as a metaphor for how people suppress being actually human, with religion or with television or whatever you want to choose."

-Album Cover- Much Music - November 17, 1998

MM:"The image on the album cover was to represent vulnerability. It was to represent an undefinable persona to represent sexlessness and both sexes at the same time. So it did have feminine elements, but it was also sexless at the same time."

-Mechanical Animals Album Cover-Select Magazine January 1999

MM:"I think my album cover went about as far as I could go without becoming a skeleton. All clothing and sexuality were stripped away. It made me very innocent. Maybe if I were to dress like Lionel Richie. That could be possibly more offensive. I could make myself black. Michael Jackson made himself white, so it's been something I've been thinking about."

-The Dope Show-Access Magazine Issue 38

MM:"Well, if someone sees something ugly, it's in their own mind. If I say the word 'queers' in 'The Dope Show', which has no reference to homosexuality, if people see that as hateful, then I think thatŐs in their perception. If I say the word 'white' and all of a sudden thatŐs racist then thatŐs reflective of feelings that people have. You could pick any word and make it ugly depending on the context. And I think in my context, I'm not lashing out against anybody."

Q: Do you believe in Armageddon?

MM:"Yeah, I think the end of the world is something that mankind has always been destined to invite upon itself. I don't think it has come from any spiritual force. I think man has a basic penchant to destroy himself and I'm sure it will eventually happen. It's not something that I'm afraid of, or think should be stopped, because it's what mankind deserves, really."

-The Name Omega-Official Website Interview September 9, 1998

MM:"The name Omega refers to the final chapter in this story that started with Antichrist Superstar. And it is a reference to the end. But it's not necessarily a reference to the end of my career."

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