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THE RULES---This Madonna Wayne Gacy/Marilyn Manson board discussion is to be accessed by fans/members of the band to write and review responses. But, since Christians have a problem with Marilyn Manson, they are posting here like there is no tomorrow. I have appointed Pinion as the co-owner of this message board, he will be the one deleting all ignorant messages. As, the master of this board, I will not tolerate the following: Biblical/Pro-Christian messages, nude photos (unless it's of a Manson band member) and people trying to "turn" anyone on or someone trying to get a date. NO "Marilyn Manson rules" posts. If you are going to post, make it worth while--no one liners. Let's keep this board on the subject please....If you do not agree with something someone wrote or you are offended by Marilyn Manson--please do not waste my time with your comments....get a life and stop trying to change ours.--Thanks Gia Wayne Gacy